Top Reasons to Follow Your Oil Change Schedule

Top Reasons to Follow Your Oil Change Schedule

For optimal engine performance and lifespan, you'll want to always keep up with your oil change schedule. Generally, conventional oil should be changed somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. Synthetic oil offers superior protection and doesn't need to be changed as frequently. To see your vehicle's particular requirements for oil type and oil change mileage points, you can refer to your owner's manual or just ask somebody at the shop. Here are six reasons to always stay up to date with oil changes.

Proper Lubrication

The top reason to always keep up with oil changes is that it'll be much more likely that your engine's moving parts stay thoroughly lubricated and protected from damage that could be caused by friction.

Eliminate Engine Gunk

If you're overdue for an oil change, there's a greater chance that your oil has become sludgy because of an accumulation of contaminants. With an oil change, this polluted oil will be drained and your vehicle will be refilled with clean oil that provides your engine with superior protection.

New Oil Filter

A standard component of a full-service oil change is oil filter replacement. This is an important task because it makes sure that you're not driving with a gunked-up filter that could prevent oil from circulating like it should.

Regulate Engine Temperature

For your engine to remain at a safe operating temperature, heat has to be redistributed from the combustion chamber. Fresh oil makes it easier for heat to be properly redistributed.

Optimum Engine Power

Clean oil makes it easier for your engine to get the most power. This enables more efficient driving, which could even provide a boost in fuel-efficiency.

Identify/Address Developing Engine Issues

When you have an experienced mechanic change your oil, it's more likely that emerging engine issues will be spotted. Then, the problems can be remedied before they get worse and cost more to repair.

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Posted: April 16, 2021

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