4 Common Electrical Problems with the Audi A4

4 Common Electrical Problems with the Audi A4

4 Common Electrical Problems with the Audi A4Since 1994, Audi has been producing the A4. Even the older models are still well respected by drivers in the Audi community and many of them, even the earliest ones, are still on the highway today thanks to proper maintenance. However, as the A4s have evolved a few common electrical problems have become apparent. Electrical issues are often hard to diagnose, but when the same problems show up time and time again in one type of car, identifying a fix becomes quick and affordable. Recent A4s share their own set of problems, such as the following. Whether you drive an A4 now or are considering buying a used one, stay on the lookout for these common Audi A4 electrical problems.

Stuck Brake Lights

A peculiar issue with these cars is that they can suffer from brake lights that won't turn off. This happens due to a failed brake light switch, which will need replacing if this issue happens to your car. This part is easy to obtain and a professional auto repair mechanic can complete the service in as little as 20 minutes!

Failed Power Window Motor

The burn out of the power window motors are one of the most common electrical problems in A4s. The drivers window will generally be the first to go, as this is the window that is used most often. This is a relatively simple repair that requires replacing the power window motor within the vehicle's door panel.

Display Screen Outages

Newer A4s that have LCD display screens tend to have issues keeping the whole screen lit. Areas of pixels on the screens will burn out, making it hard to read the information on the display. To restore the function and readability of the screen the whole unit usually needs to be replaced.

Center Control Liquid Damage

The MMI unit, which controls the navigation, radio and other infotainment and dashboard systems of the vehicle, is located right under the cupholders in newer A4 models. Unfortunately this placement all too often results in liquid spills that damage the unit. This ends up requiring a complete replacement of the control board to restore vehicle function. While this is more of a driver error than an actual electrical issue, it is important to be aware of, so keep those lids on tight!

If you encounter Audi A4 electrical trouble, be sure to have it diagnosed by a professional Audi mechanic. For professional Audi electrical repair in Tampa head to DAS Autowerks. Our team specializes in VW and Audi repair, but we service all makes and models! Give us a call at (813) 940-0064 to learn more about our local auto repair shop or to schedule professional auto repair in Tampa or the surrounding area for your domestic or European vehicle.

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Posted: November 11, 2020

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